ArcInfo .e00 import help (newbie)

Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at
Fri Nov 19 02:17:10 EST 1999

Rick Ree wrote:
> I have an .e00 file containing hypsography data.  I imported it into GRASS
> using, and can display the vector map using d.vect and so on. But
> how would I (for example) color-code the contours according to elevation? creates one category file per attribute in $LOCATION/dig_cats
their name is made with the following rule : <vector_name>.<attribute_name>,
where <vector_name> is the name of your vector file, and <attribute_name>
is the name of an attribute in the Arc/Info coverage.

You have to identify which attribute contains the elevation, then
perform a v.reclass using this file as a base for the rule file.

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