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Justin Hickey jhickey at impact1.hpcc.nectec.or.th
Tue Sep 7 13:04:52 EDT 1999

Hi Markus

On Sep 6,  9:35pm, Markus Neteler wrote:
> I am currently establishing my Linux box working as
> a local mirror  for our SUN (GRASS pages). If possible,
> I would like to have some hints for the "wget" software
> from you (I think you are using it).
> How do you manage:
>  - the obsolete files shall be deleted on my mirror
>    (e.g. if the next version is published)
>     Currently the mirror contains all old and new files
>     and does not delete anything.

At this time wget does not have a feature to delete old files. Solutions I can
think of for solving this are:

1. Delete the mirror site and download all files again. This is easy to do but
requires a full download of the mirrored site again.

2. Write a script that compares the files on the mirror site with those in the
wget log. Any files on the site but not in the wget log can be deleted. This
will require more effort on your part but once the script is done it will work
just fine.

>  - I do not like files in my mirror directory:
> ?D=A
> ?D=D
> ?M=A
> ?M=D
> ?N=A
> ?N=D
> ?S=A
> ?S=D
> Do you have an idea to avoid this?

I noticed these types of files coming through when I download your site as
well. What are they? Anyway, if you do not want them to be downloaded you can
try the --reject option (or -R) to wget. You supply a comma separated list of
suffixes or patterns (shell patterns) to reject. For example,

wget -R mpg,mpeg,

will reject all MPEG files.

In this case you may need to use a pattern like ?*=* to reject these files.
Note that you may need to escape the question mark due to shell interpretation.
For more information see the URL


I hope this helps.

BTW, do you know of anybody who may be trying to do a version of v.digit in
Tcl/Tk like the xdigit program? We were thinking of doing this but wanted to
know if anyone else was working on it.

Talk to you later.


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