d.mon fails...

Francisco Alonso alonsarp at fcu.um.es
Thu Sep 9 14:12:58 EDT 1999

Markus Neteler wrote:
> One other problem I know: If you run Linux based on libc5
> you cannot use GRASS compiled on libc6 properly. The GRASS
> Linux binaries are compiled on libc6 (glibc2). If you still
> have a libc5-based system (Redhat 4.x, SuSe 5.x, Caldera 1.3,
> Debian 1.x ...) you should compile the GRASS 5 yourself which
> is quite easy now.
> Best regards
>   Markus

My problem with d.mon is that I get the next error message

d.mon: error in loading shared libraries
: undefined symbol: __bzero

It seems related with the libraries problem, 
but I am running GRASS on a Redhat 5.2 Linux. 

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

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