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Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at engees.u-strasbg.fr
Thu Sep 9 12:05:34 EDT 1999

Markus Neteler wrote:
> One other problem I know: If you run Linux based on libc5
> you cannot use GRASS compiled on libc6 properly. The GRASS
> Linux binaries are compiled on libc6 (glibc2). If you still
> have a libc5-based system (Redhat 4.x, SuSe 5.x, Caldera 1.3,
> Debian 1.x ...) you should compile the GRASS 5 yourself which
> is quite easy now.

That's true ! I attempted to run the grass bin directly on an old
slackware linux distribution, and I missed some libraries.

BTW, if somebody attempts to compile grass on an old distribution,
it will not works because the right curses.h file (for libncurses)
is in /usr/include/ncurses/curses.h.

I get rid of this by renaming curses.h and termcap.h in /usr/include
and moving the .h files from /usr/include/ncurses to /usr/include.

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