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Mon Sep 13 07:00:52 EDT 1999

Hello Kamarul

On Sep 13,  9:34am, Kamarul Azlan Mohd Nasir wrote:
> I have problem with setting my default region. Even though I have
> already set my DEFAULT_WIND, grass still give error message
> "ERROR: Default region not set". I have also check the permission
> and it is ok. FYI, I am using grass4.2 on my sun workstation. I have
> tried to run r.answers but I always got this error message. So, I have
> to overcome this problem of setting up default region first

Try using the g.region command. It will give you a list of different ways to
set the region and one of them is by using the default region. This is the
option that sets the region based on DEFAULT_WIND.

Hope this helps.


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