How to set default region

Agustin Lobo alobo at
Wed Sep 15 04:35:07 EDT 1999

Grass is the most flexible gis you can find.
I don't know how you actually set up your Location:
if you let grass do it, it creates the PERMANENT mapset
by itself. The best is that you do not
fuzzy with this mapset.Rather you can create
as many mapsets as you want and with whatever name
you want. You can even create regions
that go outside the default region defined in the
PERMANENT mapset (not recomended, but possible).
Please read/use the tutorials, it 
should take you one day to start up working on your own project.
Note that Locations and Mapsets are but directories
and subdirectories. All plain and standard Unix, no hidden
or secret tricks.

Good luck


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On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Kamarul Azlan Mohd Nasir wrote:

> Hi Justin
> Thanks for tips. Actually when I changed the mapsets name to 
> PERMANENT as to your suggestion, then only it works. I wonder 
> whether we make it a little bit more flexible where it take different 
> name of mapsets.
> Thanks again for your kind help. I really appreciate it.
> Cheers

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