Jaro Hofierka hofierka at netlab.sk
Thu Sep 16 02:52:58 EDT 1999

Markus Neteler wrote:

> >
> > This question is for those that are using NVIZ.
> >
> > When I select the surface panel and then click on the
> > NEW button in order to add a new layer, and then click again
> > on new from the surface attribute window, I have a window that
> > very likely should give me a list of available mapsets and
> > raster files. Instead the window is empty no mapset, no raster.
> > (My g.gisenv gives mapset=PERMANENT location=adibacc).

Markus and Luca,

the problem is in g.gisenv (main.c) where you must change
printf() to fprintf().

BTW, these printf() should be changed in all grass commands.



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