Rainer Trusch trusr000 at
Wed Sep 22 17:47:41 EDT 1999

Hello Moritz and everyone else,

The Problem you are confronted with, you will find with other unix commands
like 'ftp' as well. Wenn starting the module, it enters an interaktive mode,
which isn't using the commandline of the shell anymore. This way you are lacking
the editing capabilities of the shell.

I don't think there is a way to fix it other then reprogramming it. To avoid
this you have to use the modules with commandline options.

It's a good point to figure out that fixing this problem would be great deal,
especiall for beginners. Because of this problem, the interactive looses a lot
power and meaning.

Beginners are quite likely to avoid the commandline, but they are driven away
from the interactive mode by this problem and are more likely not to use GRASS!

Some of the more experienced users might say, it's not important at all. In
view it is!

Starting with a new programm, many people are more likely to look at the
handling, than the capabilities, especially non-computercracks. That way the
base of users is kept smaller than it could be.

Its worth to think about it.


>Hello !
>I'm using Grass5.0b binaries on SuSE 6.0.
>Whenever I launch a module, I cannot use "backspace", "delete" or the
>arrows. I just get funny asciis.
>Could anybody tell me what I need to do to change that ?
>Thanks a lot !

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