More problems with Grass5.0beta3

Markus Neteler neteler at
Fri Sep 17 07:24:23 EDT 1999

> Good morning all,
> Well I managed to get Grass5.0beta3 to build under Irix 6.5.2, but I
> have yet to find out if it actually works!
> There seems to be a major problem with the keyboard mapping. I can't get
> Grass started, because it doesn't know that I have hit the escape key
> after entering the location, mapset and database in the startup screen.
> The escape key is not the only one which gives trouble :-(
Hi Terry,

due to cursor key support there was a change:
If you want to leave a text screen, press
<ESC><ENTER> instead of just <ESC> (as it was in GRASS 4.x)

> One must be very careful with text entry as there is no delete or
> backspace working either.
No, but you can use the cursor keys now (arrow left = backspace)

Hope this helps

 Markus Neteler

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