GRASS-5.0beta3: the saga ends well

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Thu Sep 23 00:12:54 EDT 1999

  My SysAdmin friend came over after work and -- for the price of a dinner
when we were finished -- got my main workstation running again. Used a
slackware boot floppy, configured his notebook to be part of my network and
ftp'd the /bin directory back again.

  When everything booted properly (kinda' trashed the / partition, but
nothing critical), we umounted /usr3. From the other machine (the one on
which /usr3 lives), there were all the root directories (/bin, /dev, /etc
and so on)! Now that /usr3 was isolated from the other machine, I could rm
-rf the spurious directories and not affect the other machine. Remounting
/usr3 put the system back the way it was originally.

  Ver-r-r-r-r-y strange! But, it works.

  First thing tomorrow, I swap the tape drives and make 2 complete backups.
Then I'll upgrade to RH6.0 and try installing the GRASS beta again.

  I'm too old for this kind of excitement! :-)


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