More problems building grass5.0beta3 on IRIX :-(

Terry Duell terry.duell at
Fri Sep 24 01:53:05 EDT 1999

Justin Hickey wrote:

> I didn't get beta 3 installed, but I did manage to get beta2 installed on our
> Origin 2000 with IRIX 6.5.3m. However, I didn't try to compile NVIZ or SG3d.

If you can get them working you will find them very nice tools for visualising
your data.

> You may be able to fix the error for these by casting the faulty variable to
> the approriate type, but you will have to check to be sure the cast makes
> sense.

I really am not sure enough about what I am doing to muck around with the source
like that.
What I find amazing is that both these tools were developed for the SGI box, yet
in this release they don't build.

> As for the X problem, I didn't experience any problems starting the graphics
> monitors. However, if you are worried about the 24 bit color usage, then you
> have to make sure the X server is running in 24 bit mode. Remember that the X
> server is on the client. What you need to do on SGI machines is change the file
> /var/X11/xdm/Xservers. This file contains the command line that starts the X
> server. You need to add the option -depth 24 to the command line. Also, if you
> see the option -pseudomap 4sight on the command line then delete it. I found it
> somehow overrides the 24 bit depth specification. Finally you might want to add
> -class TrueColor if you want. I'm not sure if it does anything but it doesn't
> seem to hurt. The line in my version of the file is as follows:
> :0 secure /usr/bin/X11/X -class TrueColor -depth 24 -bs -nobitscale -c
> -solidroot sgilightblue -cursorFG red -cursorBG white

Done that, doen't seem to make much difference on the console or X-terms
I noticed that there is also a file Xservers.3key which is very similar. Do you
know what it affects?
We are really looking for the 24 bit display on X-terms, as that is where most of
us do our work.
We would usually use the 'iris' monitor when running from the console, but with
5beta3 the iris monitor and the tcltkgrass gui don't seem to mix.

> To reset the display console so that this change takes effect, you should be
> able to use the following key sequence holding down all the keys at the same
> time (like the 3 finger salute - Ctrl-Alt-Del - of Microsoft Windows)
> Left-Ctrl Left-Shift F12 /-key-on-the-keypad (above the 8 key)
> Note that this command logs you out of the console so make sure you log out
> before you try it.
> To check whether your display is actually 24 bit you can use the command
> xwininfo or xdpyinfo. They basically report the same type of information but
> xdpyinfo displays more.

I tried this on an X-term and it report a depth of 8 planes only. Nowhere in the
report did it mention depths other than 1 and 8.
The report from xdpyinfo on the console says it supports depths up to 30 planes.
Perhaps the problem is at the X-term end, and the depth support provided by the
server is modified by what the client can support.
I need to look into this a bit more.


I would appreciate hearing from you if you do try to get 5beta3 up and running,
and have some success with NVIZ and SG3d.

Thanks for your help.


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