More problems building grass5.0beta3 on IRIX :-(

Justin Hickey jhickey at
Fri Sep 24 12:43:21 EDT 1999

Hello Terry

On Sep 24,  4:53pm, Terry Duell wrote:
> Justin Hickey wrote
> > I didn't try to compile NVIZ or SG3d.
> If you can get them working you will find them very nice tools for
> your data.

We had SG3d working with earlier versions but we just don't have time to
compile these new ones right now though.

> What I find amazing is that both these tools were developed for the SGI box,
> yet in this release they don't build.

You have to remember that these versions have changed drastically to make them
portable to other platforms other than SGI. That's probably why you are getting

> I noticed that there is also a file Xservers.3key which is very similar. Do
> you know what it affects?

Sorry, I can't help you with that one. That file does not appear on our

> We are really looking for the 24 bit display on X-terms, as that is where
> of us do our work.

< snip stuff about xdyinfo >

> I tried this on an X-term and it report a depth of 8 planes only. Nowhere in
> the report did it mention depths other than 1 and 8.
> The report from xdpyinfo on the console says it supports depths up to 30
> planes.

This indicates that the X-terms will not be able to do 24 bit color. The
displays just don't support it. However, the console should have no problem.

> Perhaps the problem is at the X-term end, and the depth support provided by
> the server is modified by what the client can support.

This is the key point. There are two servers that we are talking about here,
the GRASS server which runs on your main machine, and the X server which runs
on your X-terms. As you indicate above, the X-terms do not support 24 bit color
so setting the X servers for that depth will not work. Unfortunately none of
this helps you get your Grass graphics monitors working.

As for compiling NVIZ and SG3d, if we have time to do it we will but I don't
see that happening in the near future, sorry.

Good luck, and sorry I wasn't much help.


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