error in loading shared libraries

Kurt Gerber kurt.gerber at
Sun Sep 26 13:23:16 EDT 1999

Hi all
I tried to compile the grass5.03beta, but I got the error message:
Error in ...... ERSCH undeclared (first use in this function ) 
 in different files like ...src/general/gis/lock.c and different others.
There was always the function:
Bill Hughes wrote me:
>"ESRCH is the error code for "No Such Process" and is #3 for Linux 
>(Alpha and Intel.) Look in /usr/include/asm/errno.h, or wherever your
>system puts such things."

I then checked out /usr/include/asm/errno.h. Everything seems allright there...
asm ist a symbolic link to /usr/src/linux/asm-i386/  
What's wrong with my includes and paths?
I have this Problem not only with Grass... als with the new KDE 1.1.2... 
It seems, it doesn't find the includes in /usr/include/asm

Kurt Gerber  

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Markus Neteler wrote:
>> I have this problem with the grass5-0beta3 binaries
>> ans SuSe 6.0.
>> Could anybody let me know what are the requirements in terms
>> of shared libraries (and other components) that my box
>> should conform  to in order for the binary version
>> to work?
>> Note that the www page 
>> just states:
>> "REQUIREMENTS to run GRASS GIS on Linux/Intel
>> A workstation running some flavor with Linux.  Ideally, 
>> you should have at least 500 Mb for data and 32 Mb RAM."
>> and says:
>> "It was precompiled on Linux based on aka glibc2 
>> (Redhat 5.x/6.x, SuSe 6.x, Debian 2.x...)"
>Hi all,
>sorry for this problem! The provided Linux/Intel binaries 
>were compiled on SuSe6.2 (based on glibc2.1, Kernel 2.2.10).
>It seems that Suse 6.0/6.1 was based on a former version of
>If using a Linux based on glibc2.0 you get the error
>GRASS:~ > d.mon start=x0
>d.mon: error in loading shared libraries
>: undefined symbol: __bzero
>This glibc2.1 obviously has introduced the new symbol "__bzero".
>  - one of you provide a GRASS 5 based on glibc2.0 (SuSe 6.0) and
>    I store it on the GRASS web server for GRASS community
>  - you get the source code and compile GRASS locally. Quite easy!
>Best regards
>  Markus Neteler

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