LIMP: Large Image Manipulation Project

Frank Warmerdam warmerda at
Tue Sep 28 01:21:33 EDT 1999

James Harper wrote:
> It could be that I am blind but I could not find the article on LIMP.  What
> was the title? What month is it from?


The article is at: can of course be found at  It is
a home for OpenSource remote sensing projects.  Current projects include
LIMP, libgeotiff, and work for AVHRR and similar satellite data processing.

It is my hope to establish development of a variety of translators at, promoting and supporting data standards efforts as well
as supporting implmentation of OpenGIS specifications.  

Aspects of the work at may be suitable to incorporate into
GRASS, and GRASS is also a potential source of algorithm code to be adapted
into efforts at 

I personally would like to see development of a GUI raster/vector viewer
application at that could be used with GRASS data as well
as many other data sources. 

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