GRASS user categories?

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Mon Sep 27 22:35:25 EDT 1999

  Has anyone compiled a list of GRASS user categories? If not, I'll do so.
Rather than re-inventing the wheel we may be able to share expertise
depending on our use of this tool.

  For example, our projects range from about 5 ha to perhaps 250 ha; very
rarely do they cover a larger area. We like to use low-altitude aerial
photographs but have no need for satellite imagery (too small scale and too
expensive for the Russian 2 meter stuff).

  We use GIS for work with wetlands, environmental (biological/chemical)
assessments, ecological risk assessment, hydrologic modeling (particularly
for storm water runoff), erosion modeling, mine permitting and
reclamation/revegetation planning. I'd like to add geological analyses to
our toolkit, especially slope stability and ore body modeling.

  I'm just getting ready to migrate to GRASS (as soon as I can upgrade this
one machine to Red Hat 6.0) and start using it rather than MapInfo for our
mapping and spatial analytical needs.

  I've read a lot of messages on the list which discuss building the source
on different platforms and using specific modules. But, I can't recall too
many discussions of using GRASS to solve problems. Is there, perhaps,
another mail list which addresses this need?

  If this is the appropriate place to discuss modeling strategies and
algorithmic solutions to specific GIS problems, I'd be happy to help coordinate
a list of user categories and to keep it updated.


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