GRASS user categories?

Lori Kingery kingery at
Tue Sep 28 10:45:11 EDT 1999

Dr. Agustin Lobo wrote:
> I agree with Rich on the fact that the list
> should have more "thematic" messages.

On a low-traffic list (as with low-traffic bulletin
boards) I like to see better subject line organization
rather than split lists.  At least some of the people
here voted to combine the user and programmer lists,
which were often being cross-posted anyway.

I don't know what the categories would be, but starting
subject lines with things like:

	CONFIG: compile failing on 5.0 for Sol 4.1.3
	LINUX: getting r.tif working under red hat
	DATA: translating polar coords to (i don't know)
	COMPILE: blah blah
	DOCS: where do i find info on ?

That way, if people really want to filter out (or only!)
LINUX, they can.  But I think most people just keep it all
out of curiousity, on a low-traffic list.  I don't even
use the software, and I do.

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