GRASS user categories?

Matt.Wilkie Matt.Wilkie at
Tue Sep 28 14:54:57 EDT 1999

I'm not a Grass user, more like a curious onlooker, but
I'll still stand up to be counted.  :)

Currently we are primarily an Esri shop with our main
library handled by ArcInfo, a couple of dozen 'satellite'
ArcView users, and official publication maps developed 
in MapInfo.

I'm not happy relying on Esri because I don't have 
confidence they will support us in their product 
development for the long term. After all they've all but
dumped Unix and they're about to dump Avenue. Being
a government department, we are in this for the long 
haul; our data library is only going to get larger.

I've no idea if or when Grass might be involved in our
operation, but I do know it won't happen at all without
near seamless data migration/access. (this is the question
which really brought me to the list).

Our management area spans 25,000 sq miles with data
resolutions of 1:50k, 1:250k and 1:1mill. Thematic types
include your standard topographic coverages (hydro,
hypso, etc) and administrative boundaries. Satellite and 
aerial images are not presently integrated, but at some 
point they will be. Other future projects will include 
development of a territory wide elevation model, a 
watershed atlas, and an ecosystem atlas.

I guess our main job is compilation and integration of a 
centralized repository with derivative products being 
produced by the AV satellite offices.



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