GRASS user categories?

Pete St. Onge pete at
Tue Sep 28 15:41:10 EDT 1999

Hello all,

If you are thinking of going down this road, effectively developing a
"GRASS Knowledge Base," might I respectfully suggest that you consider
using a system similar to what the Linux Knowledge Base people are
working on? 

They are developing a centralized knowledge base for Linux information,
not so much for specific applications, but more for the operating system
itself. Their approach would lend itself well to maintaining the growing
body of information developing around GRASS.

Their information management system will be GPL soon, and they are
already dealing with many of the issues that you will no doubt have to
deal with. The benefit to you is that you won't have to spend the time
building the thing, just populate it with your own specific information
and maintain it. is the main site, if memory serves.

Markus Neteler wrote:
> > Perhaps we should start by sending a short description of
> > our work? We also could send the abstracts of papers that could be
> > sent (even for pre-reviewing) to those asking for it.
> Hi all,
> these days Prof. Raghavan from Osaka City University, Japan, visited
> me. We discussed a lot of things related to GRASS. One of his
> suggestions was to establish a database managed system containing
> GRASS related papers. As I already started to create a collection
> this will be included. Additionally he will develop a simple
> web interface so that the "GRASS Reference System" can be fed
> by everybody who wants to contribute. Perhaps we could also
> collect articles online/downloadable.

Hope this helps,


Pete St. Onge
pete at

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