s.vol.rst - precip interpolation ?

Bernhard Sturm sturm at datacomm.ch
Wed Apr 5 04:31:00 EDT 2000

Thanks Markus and all the others
I think this information will push my project further... I knew already of
PRISM, but the trouble is that we want to use a very simple and cheap
solution in order to interpolate site data with respect to elevation.
Therefore the way to go seems to be GRASS. However, having binaries of
selected r3 modules would be brillant...

cheers for all the support

Bernhard Sturm
Centre for Development and Environment
Department of Geography - University of Berne
Hallerstrasse 12

> On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 01:26:34PM +0100, Chris Kilsby wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a GRASS package or freely available code
> > which can do this ? I guess that s.vol.rst (referred to in the GRASS
> > web pages) would do the job, but has not yet been  implemented.
> Hi Chris,
> the forthcoming GRASS 5 beta7 will have the "grid3d"-library
> implemented (you can get it from CVS already). It was
> developed by MITASOVA, BROWN, MITAS and HOFIERKA (I hope
> to cite all authors). The s.vol.rst for volume interpolation
> is already implemented (and r3.mapcalc, too), but not
> available in open source. I talked to Helena Mitasova
> about these interesting modules; She told me that it might be
> possible to release public *binary* releases for selected
> platforms. I think, this would be great!
> Currently available are these modules:
>  g3.region
>  r3.in.ascii
>  r3.in.grid3
>  r3.info
>  r3.mask
>  r3.mkdspf (runs on SGI only)
>  r3.null
>  r3.out.ascii
>  r3.showdspf
> It is in CVS at:
> src.contrib/GMSL/g3d/

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