ANNOUNCE: GRASS 5 beta 7 released!

Markus Neteler neteler at
Fri Apr 21 05:48:33 EDT 2000

Dear GRASS community,

today we have released a new official GRASS 5 release:

 GRASS 5 beta 7

What's new/improved:

The new release offers long awaited bugfixes and new modules,
especially for the new grid3d (volume raster) format.

We are grateful to all contributors!

Improvements in detail:


    i.rectify, i.rectify2 fixed (Pierre de Mouveaux) 
    i.shape bugfix on segmentation fault (Markus Neteler) 
    i.smap bugfix on segmentation fault (Markus Neteler) fixed blank screen problem (Markus Neteler) updated (Michel Wurtz) added (Radim.Blazek) 
    r.cost fixed (Pierre de Mouveaux) 
    r.drain fixed, new feature: read site list for starting points (Pierre
       de Mouveaux) 
    r.flowmd added (Jaro Hofierka) bugfix to read NIMA DTED level 0 properly (Roberto Currlin) added (Alex Shevlakov) memory bugfix (Alex Shevlakov) 
    r.out.png added (Alex Shevlakov) fixed, but no FP yet (Pierre de Mouveaux) bugfix on string import (Roger Bivand) 
    v.area added cat label output (Markus Neteler) added (Mark Lake) 
    v.distance added from 4.x (Janne Soimasuo) 
    v.extract fixed (David D Gray) added from 4.x (Evaristo Quiroga) updated/rewritten (David D Gray) 
    v.out.idrisi (Philip Verhagen) 
    v.out.shape added (derived from v.out.arc, gen2shp by Jan Wagner and
       shapelib by Frank Warmerdam, modified by Markus Neteler) 
    v.what (Jim Hinthorn, Dennis Finch, James Darrell McCauley) 

    TclTkGRASS: added,, removed obsolete
       (use now), fixed
                i.gensigset/i.smap entry (Markus Neteler) 


    segment/-library fixed (Pierre de Mouveaux) 


    CELL driver: update on font management (Ludovic Drolez) 
    HTMLMAP: new driver to produce HTML image maps, usage like CELL driver
             (Tom Poindexter) 
    XDRIVER: updated to support various video cards in various environments
             (color table management) (Carl Anderson) 
    PPM-Driver: fixed (Alex Shevlakov) 

NVIZ visualization tool:

    * bugfixes on segmentation fault, cleaned out tcl/tk-library stuff (Philip
    * path independent now! (Philip Warner, Markus Neteler) 


    large set of GRASS/PostgreSQL modules added (Alex Shevlakov):,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

G3D-support (new 3D raster format "voxels"):

    grid3D modules added: g3.region,, r3.mask, r3.out.ascii,, r3.mapcalc, r3.mkdspf, r3.showdspf.sgi,, r3.null (Roman Waupotitsch, Michael Shapiro, Helena
      Mitasova, Bill Brown, Lubos Mitas, Jaro Hofierka, funding by 
      GeoModel s.r.o.) 
    r3.showdspf.openGL port (Steve Hall, LMCO) 


    added from GRASS 4.x:,, v.out.sdts, v.sdts.dq.cp,
    v.sdts.meta, v.sdts.meta.cp,
    bugfix for (Scott I. McFarlane)


    the GRASS 4 JAVA interface from Alexandre Sorokine is part of the
    package now: (Alexandre Sorokine) 

Portability of source code:

    Improved for SGI/Irix (Andreas Lange, Eric Mitchell, Rado Bonk and
    Improved to compile on Windows/Cygnus (John Huddleston) 

We hope you enjoy this new release.

Note: Please remove your old version before installing the new
GRASS 5 release. Otherwise conflicts may occur when just overriding an
existing version.

Where to get the GRASS 5 beta 7:

and on the mirror sites (select your nearest mirror):

Kind regards

  Markus Neteler
  GRASS 5 coordinator

Dipl.-Geogr. Markus Neteler *  University of Hannover
Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology
Schneiderberg 50 * D-30167 Hannover * Germany
Tel: ++49-(0)511-762-4494  Fax: -3984

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