NVIZ Mesa Problem

Michael A. Crimmins mcrimmin at net-link.net
Tue Apr 25 15:17:45 EDT 2000

Hi Trond,

I had this same problem when I installed GRASSbeta6 last month. What
worked best for me was to compile the src code from the mesa site and
then install the library in my /usr/local/lib directory. More info on
the Mesa3.1 compile is found here.


One problem I had was that my libMesaGLU.so.3 ended up in my /lib
directory and NVIZ was looking for it in the /usr/local/lib directory (I
think). I used the pre-compiled version of grassb6 for linux and that
was probably hardwired into the install.

My redhat 6.1 install was done with a basic set of packages installed.
You might run into some more error messages when you get past this one.
I didn't have a postgresql library loaded and some others that NVIZ was
looking for...just keep loading RPMS until you get past the error

good luck!

Mike Crimmins

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