problems importing acrview shapes

David D Gray ddgray at
Wed Apr 26 11:26:39 EDT 2000

edgar wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I tried to import arcview shape polygons plus attributes using 5.0's
> Unfortunately the imported attributes are associated with a line, not
> with the area of the polygon. In consequnce a transformation of the
> vector data to raster data results in a raster of the lines, which
> include the attribute information. What I need, and this is what I
> expected as an output, is a raster of areas including the attribute
> information.
> Is this a bug in ? Has anyone got an idea what I should do ?
> --

Hi edgar,

What version of Grass 5 are you using, ie. which Beta release? These
problems have recently been fixed, and the most recent releases of now create areas. Beta 7 contains a stable release though
I would recommend getting the source from CVS as that imports proper
linework as well. These version also rasterise OK. You need to run
v.spag -i (with the check duplicate lines only option) after import.


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