GRASS 4.3 (and 5) on linux

Francois Hardy fhardy at
Wed Apr 26 12:07:48 EDT 2000

Hello everyone,

I installed Grass 4.3 under Linux (Corel Linux, which is a Debian type 
distribution) on my PC.

I ran the install shell, and everything looked OK while installing.

When I typed the command to run the program ("grass4.3"), this is what came 
back to me:

/usr/local/grass-4.3/etc/ line 23:  1167 Segmentation fault	$ETC/lock
$lockfile $$
Unable to properly access /root/.gislock5
Please notify system personel.

I really don't know what this means.
I later on installed grass 5, and the same type of lines came back to me.

Is there a script I should modify in the, or else.

I would appreciate some help,

I am rather new to the OS (LINUX) and to GRASS it self (though I have 
experience with GIS).



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