brian_adams at jbadams.com brian_adams at jbadams.com
Sun Jun 11 20:57:53 EDT 2000

This is the response I received from the LinuxPPC group.  I assume that it
something that has been deprecated in the latest version of gcc?

> The response from the GRASS list suggests that this is a LinuxPPC 
>problem, not their source code.  Specifically that it is a problem in
>va_ppc.h under the /usr/lib/gcc-lib directory.  I suspect the same since
>this same code compiled fine under LinuxPPC 1999.  Have there been any
>changes that might have altered these header files?

No, the code in GIS is buggy, I guess they try to use va_arg(ap,char)  
somewhere in their code. which is illegal C. They have to rewrite it as


Only promoted types can be passed with variable args.

Note that they will have to change their code anyway, because gcc-3.0 (or
the current development snapshots) will correctly produce an error on such
code on _all_ platforms.

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, David D Gray wrote:

> brian_adams at jbadams.com wrote:
> > 
> > I suspect it is part of the compile process, not the v.in.shape module
> > itself. When I compile on LinuxPPC, I get the following error
> > 
> Brian
> These appear to be link failures. __va_arg_type_violation is defined in
> va_ppc.h under the /usr/lib/gcc-lib directory (follow your system). It
> seems you picked this up as the problem doesn't arise till link time,
> but you seem to be not linking to the object code for this. I don't
> know what that might be, as this is a ppc-specific function and I don't
> have that system. There are some libs under /usr/lib/gcc-lib/ppc-linux
> (?)
> including libgcc.a and others. You will probably find the lost code
> there. I'm assuming you have gcc, but it should be a similar problem
> if you have a different compiler.
> Hope this helps
> David

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