David D Gray ddgray at armadce.demon.co.uk
Mon Jun 12 14:18:35 EDT 2000

brian_adams at jbadams.com wrote:
> This is the response I received from the LinuxPPC group.  I assume that it
> something that has been deprecated in the latest version of gcc?
> >
> > The response from the GRASS list suggests that this is a LinuxPPC
> >problem, not their source code.  Specifically that it is a problem in
> >va_ppc.h under the /usr/lib/gcc-lib directory.  I suspect the same since
> >this same code compiled fine under LinuxPPC 1999.  Have there been any
> >changes that might have altered these header files?
> No, the code in GIS is buggy, I guess they try to use va_arg(ap,char)
> somewhere in their code. which is illegal C. They have to rewrite it as
>  (char)va_arg(ap,int)
> Only promoted types can be passed with variable args.

Yes. There are calls to va_arg(ap,double) and others.

> Note that they will have to change their code anyway, because gcc-3.0 (or
> the current development snapshots) will correctly produce an error on such
> code on _all_ platforms.

What is the current snapshot in this context? I have gcc-2.95-2. I
thought that
was a v3.0 pre-release, but I have no problems with building the code on



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