New GRASS user

Alpiste mjroman at
Fri Jun 30 05:59:54 EDT 2000

Dear all:

I'm a new Grass User and I've some problems to start using this software. 
Anyone knows any web site where to obtain some tutorials about starting 
using GRASS. Some tutorials about the database format, how to find this 
databases, etc...

If the databases are independient from the software, I'd like to obtain 
some databases about the bathimetry of the Alboran Sea (Western 
Mediterranean). I'm a geologist and I'm working in this area.

Thanks a lot

Manuel J.

Manuel J. Roman-Alpiste
Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra
CSIC - Universidad de Granada
Facultad de Ciencias
Avda. Fuentenueva S/N
18002  Granada (Spain)
Teléfono: 958-242374
e-mail: mjroman at

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