[GRASSLIST:1124] Re: Advise for first program in c

Rado Bonk rado at cosmos.dsc.unomaha.edu
Tue Nov 14 01:47:20 EST 2000

Hi David,
I can't give an advice, but your routine sounds great. Are you thinking
to put it under GPL? How do you wanna define your "river"?

Rado Bonk
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On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, David Finlayson wrote:

> Grass users,
> I am interested in trying to build a C program that
> accesses GRASS and have a few questions (I'm not a
> programmer).
> I am interesting in writing a routine that traces the
> profile of a river and builds an ascii table of x,y
> coordinate pairs and columns of values associated with
> user-supplied list of rasters.  The idea is to trace a
> river profile and dump out the associated variables
> for each pixel on the river, say manning's n,
> elevation, width, slope etc... Really though, it is
> just a simple program to try in C.
> First, do I need to have a full copy of the source
> code for GRASS or can I work with a binary only
> version and just link against the libraries I need
> mentioned in the programmers manual?  (I've never used
> make before either so I don't understand that yet
> either)
> Any first time advise would be appreciated.
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