[GRASSLIST:1144] Re: More on questions r.in.tiff

juhana.nieminen at helsinki.fi juhana.nieminen at helsinki.fi
Fri Nov 17 03:11:16 EST 2000

Dear all,

After vigorous testing on our machines (10 in all) we have come to the
conclusion that:
r.in.tiff is largely sensitive to the amount of graphics memory being used at
the time. It is not only a problem in RH7.0 with xfree 4 but as well in RH6.2
with xfree3.6.
I ran a test where parallel Xwindow sessions were used as well as single
xwindows sessions with  highly graphics memory active programs running - in all
cases r.in.tiff gave the "core dumped".
In all cases the graphics cards had either 16 or 32Mb of memory.
The only configuration where r.in.tiff works without a hitch ,is with a  32mb
Matrox G400 dual head .
It works nicely on all machines when no graphics or GUI  what so ever are



"Eric G . Miller" wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 06:40:38PM +0200, juhana.nieminen at helsinki.fi wrote:
> > I noticed a weird thing -
> >
> > while working with grass5b8 on a RH7.0 (with Xfree4) - the r.in.tiff
> > command gives a "core dumped" (on 8 different machines) while there
> > are 2 or more consecutive X windows sessions open. Once there is only
> > one X open the command works fine...
> >
> >  any ideas?
> None.  Can't see how any of that would matter to r.in.tiff (it doesn't
> do anything related to display).  Note: the r.in.tiff with beta8 has
> other "issues".  But, did you compile these binaries yourself on RH7.0?
> If not, I'd suggest it. RH7.0 uses some libes/compiler technology that
> hadn't quite been brought to a stable release level.
> --
> Eric G. Miller <egm2 at jps.net>

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