[GRASSLIST:1150] Re: Grass / Windows 2000 Setup and VM Ware Question

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Sun Nov 19 08:31:39 EST 2000

Hi Rick, Hi Eric,

i can underline what Eric wrote. Running GRASS under Linux running in a
VM Ware Virtual Machine on Windows should be possible. But it will
severly degrade performance and you will need at least 128 MB Memory to
get anything useful done.

As the cygwin port is underway now (hopefully only a matter of days) i
wouldn't recommend this setup.

You should remember that you need a complete linux/grass setup, so
configuring an dual-boot setup is IMHO the performance-wise better
decision. And you won't be able to access your data from Windows with
the VM Ware setup unless you setup a samba export on the linux VM.



Rick Thompson wrote:
> Hi,
>     I want Grass for a notebook computer running Windows 2000 and have seen
> some information from a company named VM Ware (http://www.vmware.com). This
> company has a product called 'VMware 2.0 for Windows NT/2000' which utilizes
> a virtual machine technology through which Linux can be run on the NT/2000
> desktop. Rebooting is not required to go between Windows and Linux.
>     Has anyone used this software and successfully run Grass and its monitor
> on a Windows PC ?
>     This could be an alternative to a dual-boot machine. I only know of PCs
> dual-booting Linux and Windows 98, and I would like to use NT or 2000
> instead.
>     Any suggestions are very welcome.
> Thank you.
> Rick Thompson

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