[GRASSLIST:1187] notation standardisation

seppo kaitala seppo.kaitala at helsinki.fi
Sun Nov 26 13:23:51 EST 2000

Dear All

Would it be good if the notation would be same for the same kind of

For instance in commands

v.proj map=name [out=name] inloc=name [dbase=name] [set=name] 

r.proj input=name location=name [output=name] [mapset=name][dbase=name]
[method=name] [res=value] 

It is difficult to explain students, what the difference or similarity
inloc and location, input and map in these commands.

Best regards

Seppo Kaitala, Senior lecturer
Division of Environmental Biology
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FIN-00014 University of Helsinki        fax: +358-9-191 24456
Division of Environmental Biology,GIS Laboratory
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FIN-00014 University of Helsinki        fax: +358-9-191 40048

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