[GRASSLIST:1190] SDTS support on grass5

Ivan Kautter ivankautter at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 26 15:10:04 EST 2000

List members,

I have heard that grass5 supports the SDTS format yet I see little evidence 
of that on the maunal pages when it comes to raster formats data such as 
DEM.  While there seem to be commands for reading USGS data formats which 
may be compliant with the SDTS format, the conversion process to the GRASS 
compatible DEM is less than transparent.  I have seen various examples on 
how to convert SDTS to GRASS including SDTS utilies offered by the BLM which 
would not compile (there has been little concrete assistance offered by this 
listserv or any other on this issue) and the often quoted conversion process 
for 240K 7.5 min UGSS DEMs with 30 meter resolution involving m.read.USGS 
and conversion to ascii format and 90 degree rotations etc.  to GRASS (which 
I can no longer seem to locate) but not for 100K 7.5 min USGS DEMs with 10 
meter resolution as well as m.dem.extract which may or may not be present on 
GRASS 4.3 which I am running.

Can anyone offer some concrete suggestions on how to deal with SDTS format 
data?  Should I just switch to grass5 and if so, what specifically is the 
support offered for this format on grass5?  Additionally, if grass5 is 
configured for floating point operations, does one need a CPU that supports 
those type of operations to run grass5.  I have a fairly standard Pentium 
III processor.  Is that sufficient?

Sorry for the barage of questions but I have been trying for some weeks to 
resolve this issue and have found no suitable solutions offered anywhere.  
Please help and thank you for your time and efforts.

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