Sigrid Hess shess at mail.Uni-Mainz.DE
Fri Aug 3 06:56:45 EDT 2001

Hi Kevin,

E.G. Miller still reported about the problem
of and solution to the bug in the start-up script  
I'd like to add the hint: Never start grass with "&" !

Concerning your requested tutorial, there isn't any
secret about, but a helpful beginner's tutorial -you
may be lucky, Markus Neteler designed it farsightedly 
in English- ready on the European GRASS Server at 
University of Hannover:
(It's not up-dated yet to GRASS 5.0.0pre1, but nevertheless
gives an effective start.)

On the german GRASS Server (held in English), you'll find 
also some other helpful tutorials of the GRASS Documentation 
Project (GDP).

so far 
best wishes


> Good morning/afternoon/evening,
>     I am new to the GRASS 5 program, actually am really just starting
> out from scratch.  I am having issues right now with trying to restart
> GRASS 5.  I have been able to open it only once after installing, but
> when closing and trying to restart, it gives me an error message.  I am
> using precompiled GRASS5 on RH7.1.
> when typing grass5 to start, I get:
>     starting GRASS ...
>     as well, a gis_set.tcl gui opens, but nothing appears.  Nothing ever
> appears, so I have either ctrc-c or close the gui.
> when closing the gui, I get the following error:
>   /usr/local/grass5/etc/Init.sh: GISDBASE: parameter null or not set
> is there something that I am not setting properly.
> I read the Init.sh file, and noticed that it has something for first
> time user:
>  First time user - GISRC is defined in the grass script
> does this mean that all paths need to be set in the first session upon
> starting grass??
> Thanks for the help....
> p.s.  Are there any good tutorials out there.  I have explored quite a
> few that are posted on the website, but wondering if there were some
> "secret" ones may be hidden somewhere...
> thanks....
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