[GRASSLIST:2340] NVIZ2.2 Compile problem

John Dougherty jwd at softcom.net
Fri Aug 10 18:23:04 EDT 2001

I am finding that NVIZ2.2 in the Grass5.0.0pre1 package will not compile on 
my system.  I am also finding that the postgresql support and the ODBC 
support have problems and terminate in an Error 1 or Error 2 during the 
Gmake5 run.  Grass itself compiles properly.  I am running SuSE 7.2 with the 
development support installed (SuSE Professional).  My system is a PII 350 
mHz with ample disk space and 384 mb of ram.  I suppose what I need to know 
is whether there are some specific libraries that NVIZ, ODBC and postrgesql 
support require.  Or does grass5 get cranky with KDE or ?

Any pertient pointers would be appreciated.

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