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Gordon Keith gordon.keith at marine.csiro.au
Mon Aug 20 00:07:40 EDT 2001

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001 04:34, Kevin Slover wrote:
> Well, I took Rich Shepards advice in using s.surf.idw...took way to
> much time for what I am doing right now, so I was going to let it run
> overnight.  Instead I tried the s.surf.rst, just to try different
> methods.  Though I would have some luck with that one, but I kept
> getting 2 error messages,
> 1.  Concentration of points to high, try increasing dmin.
> 2.  File size limit exceeded (core dumped).
> So, one error leads to the other, I decreased dmin until it was at .1
> (being that .5 of course is default) and it gives me the core dump. 
> So, I try .15 and I get the 1st one.  I admit, the file size is large
> (using an x,y,z format for 30m spaced Lidar Data for half of a
> county...it may not be the proper way to get the raster, I am aware
> of this, I am trying to learn why the errors...what is the file size
> dependent on??  


I'm afraid I don't have any answers, but I'm very interested in any 
outcomes you achieve. I've got a lot of x, y, z data I'm trying to get 
into grass and have had limited success, so if you could let me know 
what actually works I would appreciate it.

My experience with the size too large problem is that the number of 
rows, * number of colums * size of float, has to be less than 2GB (max 
long int) or GRASS spits the dummy.

Sorry to take so long responding, I don't read grasslist too regularly.


Gordon Keith
Programmer/Data Analyst
Marine Acoustics
CSIRO Marine Research

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