[GRASSLIST:2723] compile error(was r.line...)

michele.rocc@libero.it michele.rocc at libero.it
Mon Dec 3 08:59:34 EST 2001

Hi dear grass-users and supporters,

Trying to compile the CVS package, i skip some configure problems
via the --without option, so I cut off:

- postgress
- opengl
- odbc
- fftw
- blas
- lapack
- motif
- freetype

then i run "make" but got some errors

nvish error 1 (and 2)
GISGEN failure at step src.contrib/GMSL
ln: /opt/grass5source/grass/dist..i686.../etc/front.end file not found
make: *** [do-compile] Error 1

Some suggestions welcome,  thanks, Michele.

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