[GRASSLIST:2774] Re: Backdrop and vector map

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Sat Dec 8 09:06:08 EST 2001

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 07:01:25AM -0000, kapil  tandon wrote:
> Dear Neteler,
>      Hi its me kapil.well ive been looking for answeres to my questions
>      and no body is able to answere them i tried to find them in mailing
>      list also. And fortunately i found you replying to most of the
>      persons i am hoping alot from you please reply back regarding any
>      questions answere.

... a lot of questions...
> Ques1. When we digitize in vector map keeping raster file (i.e tiff) at
> background i havnt located any option to save my work while digitizing
> though it works only when i quit. Is there anyway to do that.

Have a look at Toolbox:
 -> w write out session
> Ques2. Suppose i have made all the settings for Backdrop and vector map 
> a)
> now i want to remove a perticular back drop there is no option to do it
> without quiting and starting whole thing again in new way. 

Use "!" ro redraw.

> b) If i want to
> open two backdrops at different place(in same monitor) i dont find any
> option to move them manually .When i opened they just overlaped over one
> another.Now suppose if one backdrop is adjoining to another one how will i
> allign them both together without anyone overlaping another.  

This problem is not clear to me.

> c) As i read
> in maillist somewhere that snapping does not work fine at the scale of
> (1:1) but i want to digitize in that scale only is there any thing we can
> do about it.

I think it will work. However, a map shall always get the related scale.

> Ques3. Now suppose if i have opened two vector maps how will i direct
> system that in which perticular vector map i am digitizing.

Do you mean to have two background vector maps?

> Ques4. As we have to define category and all when this should be done
> prior to digitizing or we can do it after words also. Which is the correct
> way.

You can choose both ways - as you like.
> Ques5. Please tell me can i attach labels with lines like.i have placed
> lot of labels on vector map but i dont know how to save it and also when i
> reopen it all labels are gone how can i do that.

Normally they are saved automatically.
I suggest to refer to the "v.digit" tutorial. It is available from the
"Document Section" on the GRASS web sites.
> Ques5. Can i select a perticular object in vector map and rotate it at any
> given angle. 

No, that's not possible at time AFAIK.

Please do spare some time for me. Regards Kapil Tandon.
Best regards 
Markus Neteler

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