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David Irving dirving at box.net.au
Sat Dec 8 17:09:38 EST 2001

The remark by Dr Simpson is not strictly true. The reason that most
computers these days (and for about the last 30 years) are multitasking
is because you _can_ run multiple sessions without significant delays in
each process (within limits, of course). Most processes are, in turns,
CPU bound and I/O bound so, if a process has finished some calculation
and is then waiting for either a write to disk of the result or a read
from disk of more data, you can make significant gains by swapping it
out and swapping another process in, until the I/O has finished. I could
explain this in more detail without glossing over things (as could any
computing science undergraduate), but it's pretty tedious stuff to most


Gail Higginbottom wrote:
> I am forwarding this mail in answer to running multiple sessions.
> See below.
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> Not much point running multiple sessions on the same machine, since
> they will all take CPU time from each other and you will still have to
> wait the same length of time for everything to finish.  Better to
> write a shell script which can be run on several different machines (I
> have examples of this).
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> > Just a general question is all I have...is it possible to modify a file
> > somewhere to be able to get multiple sessions of grass running on one
> > computer??  I lose a lot of time waiting for scripts that I have created
> > to run.
> > If not, is this a possible option for 5.1??  Thanks!!
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