[GRASSLIST:2809] problems fo runing

Jose Luis puga puga at sisvoc.cuc.udg.mx
Thu Dec 20 16:00:38 EST 2001

Hi to everyone,
I get a problem for running grass 5, recently I was installed grass at linux. 
the system where shutdown and, i can running grass now: 
the system send me this message:
Starting GRASS ...
Error in startup script: couldn't create error file for command: permission 
    while executing
"exec pwd"
    (procedure "gisSetWindow" line 154)
    invoked from within
    invoked from within
"if { [searchGISRC $gisrc_name] } {
    (file "/usr/local/grass5/tcltkgrass/script/gis_set.tcl" line 723)
/usr/local/grass5/etc/Init.sh: GISDBASE: parameter null or not set 
how can I fixed?

Jose Luis Garcia Puga
Centro de Sismología y Volcanología de Occidente
Universidad de Guadalajara, Campus Puerto Vallarta 
Tel [52] (328) 105 20, 21 Ext. 29
FAX [52] (328) 105 22 
Tel desde Guadalajara
31-34-22-80 ext. 29
*[Correo(mailing address)]:
Ap Postal 96-B, Puerto Vallarta, Jal 48330 
*Dirección (address):
Av. Universidad 203, Del. Ixtapa, 
Puerto Vallarta Jal 48280, MEXICO 
puga at pv.udg.mx 
puga at sisvoc.cuc.udg.mx

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