[GRASSLIST:2820] Please Help for Digitization

Anil Kumar Bhagat anil at ces.iisc.ernet.in
Wed Dec 26 07:17:10 EST 2001

Dear Sir ,
           Marry Christmas.
How are you ? After a long time I am writing you . I have some  problem in
map registration . My problem is as following .

I want to digitize the map with the help of module   < v.digit > . I use
mouse .

problem No. 1

After filling map information its shows the following messege 

writing plus file ...

But after this it directly goes on MAIN MENU . It doesnot ask for map
registration . So I am not able to registered the scaned topo sheet map.

Second problem .
I scaned the topo sheet to generate vector layer . With the help of
Customize menu when I try to display the  scaned map  with the help of 
BACKDROP  CELL MAP utility ,but  map doesnot appear . But any map from
spearfish database  appear . The scaned topo sheet map I imported & I am
able to display it with the help of raster display . 

Please help me in this regard .

With warm regard 

Anil Kumar Bhagat
( Project Asst. )
Center For Ecological Science ,
Indian Institute Of Science Banglore,
Banglore .
Phone : 3600985 ,3092506 ext-213

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