[GRASSLIST:1435] Re: SUM: why I always got "LOCATION_NAME not set" when I start Grass5.0beta 10?]

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Thu Feb 8 23:36:48 EST 2001

Hello Robert

Bei Zhang wrote:
> Thanks to Carl and Eric for suggestions.
> I tried again, but still GRASS gives "LOCATION_NAME not set" message. 
> So I guess maybe it's a bug in GRASS5 beta 10. ( later, I downloaded
> and installed GRASS version 4.3, everything works out fine with this
> version.)

This is puzzling. I tried to re-create your problem but I did not
succeed. Hmm. Try removing your $HOME/.grassrc5 file (it may be corrupt)
and running Grass again. This will make Grass think you are running it
for the first time. If you still have this problem then please send me
your $HOME/.grassrc5 file as well as the full path to the mapset you
want to access.


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