[GRASSLIST:1444] RE: java interface with grass

Johansen Per Henrik per.henrik.johansen at norgit.no
Mon Feb 12 02:24:22 EST 2001

You should use the exec() method of java.lang.Runtime. I have used it
successfully in a project we are participating in. You need to set all the
GRASS environment variables though, I use a shell to to that since the
exec() in the VM we are using doesn't seem to support the passing of
environment variables. 

Per Henrik Johansen
Norgit AS, http://www.norgit.no 

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Subject: [GRASSLIST:1442] java interface with grass


in my transpotation project, i want to use java
program, which will call some GRASS command (such as
v.what ) and then store its result in certain file. so
 i need the interface between java and grass.

from GRASS website, i found the GRASS-JNI, but it
seems to be developed to write new grass module using
grass library, not built-in grass command. could
anybody tell me whether there is kind of interface
between java and built-in grass command?

thank you very much.

Jun Liu

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