[GRASSLIST:1459] Re: ps.map scale command

Radim Blazek Radim.Blazek at dhv.cz
Wed Feb 14 14:45:39 EST 2001

> Radim,
> In the ps.map scale command, I can set the scale below a certain limit, but 
> not above. In my example:
> Exporting a world map through ps.map without setting the scale, I get:
> PS-PAINT: PostScript painter "a4" selected.
> PS-PAINT: scale set to 1 : 177342342
> in the ps.map io-window.
> I can set any scale that is lower than that, as for example 1:200000000, but 
> none that are higher. Is this a feature, and the program automatically limits 
> to the largest scale that can fit on the given paper, or is this a bug ?

Yes, feature, selected region has priority and scale is calculated to fit 
the page.  

> Secondly, is it possible to put a bar scale, not a numerical scale on the
> map ?

ps.map.barscale script exists, but I have not tested.
I use EPS file created in some other graphic program. 
(you can use negative values for position in ps.map => outside region)

We need some library for basic symbols (sites), barescales, north arrows, ...
Anybody has some free collection in EPS (or convertable to EPS)
or knows about some free library on web? 
Grass users/contributors are invited to start some library of symbols 
which could be  distributed with grass later.


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