[GRASSLIST:1470] Re: Problems starting GRASS-5

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Sun Feb 18 23:30:22 EST 2001

Hello Rich

Rich Shepard wrote:
>   When I try to start GRASS from within /mnt/usr4/coeur-rochester/, I 
> see a small, empty window. When I kill that, I read:
> [rshepard at salmo coeur-rochester]$ grass5
> Starting GRASS ...
> /usr/local/grass5/etc/Init.sh: GISDBASE: parameter null or not set

This type of behaviour in the past has indicated a corrupt
$HOME/.grassrc5 file. The easiest way to fix this was to remove the
.grassrc5 file and start again. However, since it seems you were able to
start grass in text mode this won't be necessary.
>   I do not see where I set GISDBASE in the Init.sh script. I also have
> initial data (in the form of MapInfo .mif/.mid files) that ought to
> translate correctly into GRASS format. Where do I specify the coordinate
> system, projection, datum, bounds of the coverage, etc? What do I specify
> for location (/mnt/usr4/coeur-rochester/?), $GISDBASE and mapset?

Since you have been able to start grass, I assume you have correct
values for these now?
>  Well, I can now start GRASS5, but only by using the -text option. Why
> assume a GUI default?

This decision was based on software engineering principals which state
that most users (especially new users) prefer GUI based interfaces over
text based interfaces. However, we realized that some users would like
to stay with the old interface, thus we provided the command-line option
"-text" to start grass in text mode. Please note that we save the mode
that was chosen, so you do not need to specify the -text option
everytime you start grass, only the first time.

As for the fifo problem, Jeshua's method should work. But if you want to
know where the create_fifos.sh script is it should be in

Please let us know of any other difficulties.


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