[GRASSLIST:1503] v.support non-interactively?

Bernhard Sturm sturm at datacomm.ch
Fri Feb 23 23:19:11 EST 2001

Hi list
I have a question concerning category creation on vector layers. I tried 
using v.support with the build option on a binary vector layer. Strange 
thing was, that when I tried to use v.reclass (also non-interactively 
through a perl script), I got the message that the vectory layer in 
question does not contain category information.
If I check the layer with v.support (interactively through the shell) and 
then edit the categories I also get an error, that the layer doesn't have 
category information. However after this error I am able to add categories 
to the layer (only in the interactive mode of v.support).

Does anybody know how to add and reclass categories on a vector by using 
the non-intercative mode of v.reclass and v.support in GRASS5beta10??

thanks in advance
Bernhard Sturm
Centre for Development and Environment
University of Berne, Switzerland
Bernhard Sturm
WebDesign & Software
Steinauweg 22
CH - 3007 Bern
fon: ++41 (0)31 371 83 21
fax: ++41 (0)31 371 83 21

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