[GRASSLIST:1524] r.in.tiff sefault

J. Simon Goodall sgoodall at global.com.ar
Tue Feb 27 11:46:48 EST 2001

Hello list,

Having problems with r.in.tiff, got the latest tiff libraries. latest
grass5.0beta11 and when I run

Segmentation fault

Any ideas where the problem lies? via tktclgrass it doesn't work either
( with input output options). I'm really wanting r.in.arctiff, it does
not seem to be around in 5.0beta11, has that been removed?


J.Simon Goodall, Lic. Ea.Viamonte, C.C.8, 9420 Río Grande, TDF,
te:54.2964.430.861 fx:422.008 mob:155.69148
e-mail:sgoodall at global.com.ar

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