[GRASSLIST:1540] Re: DOQQ UTM to SPCS from tiff+tfw files

mberglund mberglund at rcinfo.net
Wed Feb 28 11:58:44 EST 2001

> Looks like a memory leak was introduced when tile support was added to
> r.in.tiff.  Memory allocation should essentially remain constant.  Will
> try to fix this...
Thanks for looking Eric.

I ran it again (only for a few hours) and this time it _seemed_
to increase very slowly. Finally, it looked like it stopped consuming
memory, but continued to run.

Can somebody give me an idea as to how long it should take grass to import
a 24 bit tiff with r.in.tiff? The tiff is 125 megs according to du.

I would expect the conversion process to take some time, but not days.

I look forward to a response,

PS, you guys have done awesome work. Some pretty neat stuff here.

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