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Brian 2052 at pobox.com
Wed Feb 28 11:30:35 EST 2001

I just want to pass on what I think are really valuable GIS Conferences.

Modern Innovations of Web Mapping for GIS Conferences

March 8, 2001 in Atlanta

April 9, 2001 in Orlando

May 9, 2001 in St. Louis

These conferences are for anyone wanting to learn important and imperative
issues of Web Mapping for GIS. Top vendors will demonstrate their newest
versions of Web Mapping software. Professionals from the industry will give
you an education in Web Mapping surpassing all other conferences. Vital and
essential concepts you can't afford to miss. Find out how Web Mapping can
work for you today. Limited vendor participation will be endorsed to
encourage more presentations from public experts.

Limited ticket sales. Please register today!

This conference is for educational purposes only and not for selling
software. Only 100 tickets will be sold to allow for a better learning
experience and to encourage more help on important issues and topics.

Web Mapping for GIS is a big topic which covers the technical aspects, to
the end users, and managers. For example local, state, and federal
governments are getting a lot of pressure to provide services and take care
of problems with fewer resources. Giving citizens access to data helps to
alleviate this problem. Some example are: parking restriction maps, crime
mapping, zoning, EPA toxic release inventory, etc.

If you would like to present a topic on Web Mapping for GIS in exchange for
a free ticket, please send us a paragraph on the topic you wish to present.
Not all topics will be approved.  We will post all topics  and the time of
the presentation to our web site as soon as they are approved.

A $50 dollar savings bond will be given away for each person who registers
and says your name as a reference. Must be registered to participate. Ticket
prices have been reduced to an all time low of just $149 per ticket.

*Government personnel have up to 6 weeks after registration to submit
payment. Please provide us with a purchase order or other documentation to
receive your tickets. In rare cases such as denial of funds by the county
commission and such, payment will not be expected.

Contact Info:
Fax: 1-240-248-8697
MappingCommunications at pobox.com

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