Richard Ford grass at cubok.com
Wed Jul 4 23:18:36 EDT 2001

G'Day All,

Our company has been hired to help some academics do some sophisticated web
enabled GIS stuff.

Now the academics are good at GIS and what not.  They are currently using
ArcView.  I have dabbled in ArcIMS to make web viewable pages and did get it
to work - but the program has to be the most inflexible and error prone to
install problems ever.

We are as a company committed to open source so we started trying GRASS.  I
am 1.3 through two tutorials on it.

My question before I get too far is...

We want to be able to store the data in a more sophisticated manner - like a
MySQL or Sybase database.  And be able to enter and manipulate that data
from a web page with PHP.  The idea is to allow the stake holders in the
area being studied a level of "What if" analysis.

Plus the general benefit of storing data in a proper RDMS for other more
general data mining tasks.

Now how does or does GRASS support any form of serving live dynamic pages or
content for a web site.  Or is ti just a stand alone GIS like ArcView.

We are looking for the ArcIMS way of doing things - or presenting things
once created in an ArcVIEW session.  Is GRASS more analogous to ArcView and
not ArcIMS?  Or can it do both?

What are the suggestions from the experts?  :)


Richard Ford.
richard at cubok.com   www.cubok.com
richard at millpost.com.au   www.millpost.com.au

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