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Thu Jul 5 03:08:37 EDT 2001

Hi Richard

On Thursday 05 July 2001 05:18, Richard Ford wrote:
> G'Day All,
> Our company has been hired to help some academics do some sophisticated web
> enabled GIS stuff.
> Now how does or does GRASS support any form of serving live dynamic pages
> or content for a web site.  Or is ti just a stand alone GIS like ArcView.

Actually, you may want to give a look at CommonGIS (http://commongis.jrc.it) 
--I worked for that project-- as it does what you need. It is still not clear 
under which licence will be released. If you contact the team, ask them to 
release it as "free software" :-) 

> We are looking for the ArcIMS way of doing things - or presenting things
> once created in an ArcVIEW session.  Is GRASS more analogous to ArcView and
> not ArcIMS?  Or can it do both?

CommonGIS is a java applet, so it is more like ArcView, but sooooo much more 
powerful and friendly than AV. Try the demos, especially those from the GMD 
web site (follow links in the demos section).


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