Richard Ford grass at cubok.com
Thu Jul 5 06:07:20 EDT 2001

I am looking at Map server now...

Stefano and Eric.  I am looking at your stuff as well.

Does everyone understand what I am on about?  :)

The data has been put together and is working in ArcView(Info - whatever I
forget!) and is good.  We need to web enable that.  We have tried ArcIMS - I
assume it can read ArcInfo shape files and projects with a small
modification they mention in the docs.

However we would want to do some custom stuff with PHP as well as not use

So in light of all the suggestions does there seem to be a link anywhere?
With say starting in ArcInfo and then moving to --  ??

Map server



or ??

I am yet to look through OpenGIS or was it freegis.org ....  there seems to
be so much going on with GIS and so many projects all over the world - I am
confused (I know nothing about GIS or earth sciences) and excited by all the

We do need something that requires not too much back end work as we need the
final project done by December.


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> Check mapserver its great web application and it read ESRI using standard
> CGI or set of perl/php commands, so it very flexible.
> >
> > Now how does or does GRASS support any form of serving live dynamic
> or
> > content for a web site.  Or is ti just a stand alone GIS like ArcView.
> >
> > We are looking for the ArcIMS way of doing things - or presenting things
> > once created in an ArcVIEW session.  Is GRASS more analogous to ArcView
> and
> > not ArcIMS?  Or can it do both?
> >
> > What are the suggestions from the experts?  :)
> Not expert :( im a newbie
> >
> > Cheers,
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> > Richard Ford.
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